The Gallery Wall

A little over a year ago when I was decorating our main floor, I really became enamoured with the idea of a gallery wall. It’s meant to be a collection of cherished pieces that may or may not include pictures… and that’s what I loved about it. I’m not a fan of hanging family photos everywhere, but I do enjoy thoughtful vignettes as art within my home.

With the space over the couch earmarked as my gallery, I set out collecting some visually interesting pieces that would add texture to the room.

I started with existing pieces, including my ‘rustic clock’ – a steal I discovered at Homesense about 10 years ago that has followed me to countless homes over the years.


I love the weathered wood and metal accents, which play well next to the decorative iron piece I found at a thrift shop for $2 a few years later.

My main floor has a fairly neutral colour scheme of grey, beige and blue, so I wanted to introduce a pop of colour. Orange has always been a favourite of mine, and it fit well with my existing colours. While perusing the gift section at Chapters one day, I stumbled upon some darling greeting cards that really spoke to me. One even had a picture of a dachshund (ahem!) wearing an orange sweater… it was love at first sight! Using some basic frames I had around the house, I cut the cards to size and created some fun artwork.



You’ll notice the cute sconce in the picture above. It was a delightful $10 find at the annual Christie Antique Sale in Dundas (if you haven’t been, you must check it out!). It was originally white, but I found the orange I wanted on a paint chip at Home Depot and had a ‘sample’ pot mixed for a mere $4.50.


With the leftover paint, I tackled an existing metal piece from my guest room – the heart in the middle was red, but a quick paint job and it fit with the gallery perfectly!


The ‘A’ print was the only real, ‘new’ piece I added. It was a fun & frugal ($9.99) acquisition from Target (oh how I miss their decor department!) and a fitting nod to our last name (Armstrong).

The final gallery wall result looks pretty spiffy and never fails to illicit comments from guests.


And I have to say, it makes me happy whenever I look at it – with nary a family photo in sight!


5 thoughts on “The Gallery Wall

  1. You never cease to amaze me Cheri!! You have truly become a domestic goddess !! You are so good at so many things and also a very gifted writer able to share all your wonderful successful projects with everyone!! What an inspiration!

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