The cheap & cheerful paper project

I have a confession to make. I love paper. Wrapping paper, stationary paper, sticky note paper, even plain brown Kraft paper. I see infinite possibilities with paper, and I don’t even make origami. So it stands to reason that I love the Dollarama and all the paper it has to offer. I also love a few boutique places in Toronto – including The Paper Place on Queen West. It’s like paper-heaven on earth. And since they have small samples and left-overs at discounted prices, I never break the bank feeding my paper addiction.

Now, what to do with all that gorgeous, colourful paper is sometimes a challenge. But I’ve found a cheap and cheerful project for mine. I frame it, like the artwork it is. It’s a fantastic way to create inexpensive (and beautiful) décor pieces for any room, plus it makes the most of some fabulous paper designs.

As for the framing itself, I don’t blow the budget. The examples I’ve used below are all from my local Dollarama, where I paid $2 each. Some of the paper I used is from there, too. So let your creative juices flow, my fellow DIYers…the sky’s the limit!










4 thoughts on “The cheap & cheerful paper project

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